Te Pūwaha: Recovered timber at the Whanganui Port

As project partners progress through construction on site at the Whanganui Port, our contractors are collecting timber to be reused and recycled. We have outlined a process and protocols around how this timber can be distributed in accordance with the project outcomes.
Right of First Refusal for Timber Distribution


This Right of First Refusal provision is established to ensure that the distribution of wood prioritises Te Pūwaha project outcomes, with secondary priority given to hapū and marae, and the wider community as the last option.


  • Wood: Refers to any timber or wood products collected from the Port intended for distribution.
  • Te Pūwaha Project Outcomes: Refers to any project or initiative that requires wood as a resource agreed by Te Pūwaha project partners. Please note that this will likely include the development of specific resources (seats, tables, benches etc.) designed for hapū, marae and community. A project outcome will also likely include collection piles that can be donated to the community on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
  • Hapū: Refers to all hapū of Tamaupoko, Tupoho, Hinengakau, Tamahaki and Uenuku.
  • Marae: Refers to all of Tamaupoko, Tupoho, Hinengakau, Tamahaki and Uenuku.
  • Community: Refers to the local community or residents in the distribution area.

Priority Order:

The timber will be distributed in the following order of priority:

Te  Pūwaha Project Outcomes:
a) If there is a project or initiative that requires wood as a resource for Te Pūwaha project outcomes, the first priority shall be given to that project.
b) The Te Pūwaha project party shall have the first right to acquire the wood.

Hapū and Marae:
a) If there are no immediate project needs, the second priority shall be given to hapū and marae within the region.
b) Hapū and marae entities shall have the right to acquire the wood.

a) If neither a project nor hapū/marae expresses an interest in acquiring the wood, the third and final priority shall be given to the local community.
b) The community shall have the right to acquire the wood through an expression of interest made directly with the Kaihautū, and Whanganui District Council Project Director.

NOTE: In the event that the party holding the wood intends to sell, transfer, or distribute it, they must first advise in writing so that the Project Partners can make a collective decision. Each party in the respective priority category shall have 30 days to exercise their right of first refusal.

If you or your organisation would like to be considered for timber from the Whanganui Port, please complete this online form and we will be in touch.

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