Whanganui Port

Whanganui Port is a vital link in New Zealand’s supply chain, providing berthing facilities for coastal freight vessels and commercial boats, along with access to world class distribution and logistics companies.

Whanganui Port’s No 1 Wharf is the home to Coastal Bulk Shipping’s M.V. Anatoki, and is the primary commercial wharf capable of taking heavy vehicles. The M.V. Anatoki carries bulk cargoes such as grain, fertiliser and gravel around New Zealand.

Currently, both Wharfs 2 and 3 are undergoing significant remedial work as part of Te Pūwaha: the Whanganui Port revitalisation project.

Two store rooms at the port are also available, with storage capacity for palletised product at approximately 1,000 square metres.

The Wharf Street boat ramp and trailer park is located next to the port, where on a good day more than 150 recreational boats can launch in pursuit of one of the best selections of table fish found in New Zealand.

Whanganui Port - Wharf
Te Pūwaha

Whanganui Port is set to become a modern marine precinct and community asset for the next 50 years thanks to Te Pūwaha: the Whanganui Port revitalisation project.

Upgrades to the Whanganui Port will build a platform for unlocking further investment and new businesses to Whanganui, attract and retain high value jobs in the marine, engineering and coastal freight sectors, while also ensuring further resilience in our nation’s supply chain.

What’s more, operational facilities and a mobile boat hoist with 380-tonne lift capacity will enable Q-West, New Zealand’s pre-eminent boat builders, to build and maintain world class vessels, all from Whanganui.

While the revitalisation of the Whanganui Port will play an important role in the sustainable economic growth of Whanganui, perhaps more important is the impact it will have on creating abundance for Mouri Awa (our awa), Mouri Ora (the environment) and Mouri Tangata (the communities) of Te Awa Tupua.

Berthing at the Whanganui Port

To book a berth at the Whanganui Port, or to find out more about our services, please contact us on 027 2202 144 or 06 344 7684.

The Wharf Street boat ramp is available for recreational vessels to launch during mid to high tides.

For the latest updates on dredging activities in the Whanganui Port basin, please follow Whanganui Port on Facebook.

All recreational vessels are required to put in a voyage report (TR Message) with Whanganui Coastguard.

Caution is advised when crossing the Whanganui Bar.
Maritime NZ have prepared these safety tips for recreational vessels.