Te Pūwaha news features and videos

Te Pūwaha news features and videos
Whanganui Port - Te Pūwaha

Te Pūwaha and the revitalised Whanganui Port are of great community interest and have featured in regional and national news throughout the lifespan of the project.

A selection of news items can be found here:

Whanganui Port seeks long-term consent to dredge basin, New Zealand Herald, 17 March 2024

Dredging to make Whanganui Port basin a recreational hub, Stuff, 18 March 2024

Whanganui’s port revitalisation project’s next stages laid out by Horizons Regional Council Whanganui Chronicle, 10 February 2024

What’s in store for phase two of Whanganui Port redevelopment? Whanganui Chronicle, 1 December 2023

VIDEO: Breaking of the Ground – Whanganui Port construction works Te Pūwaha , 13 September 2023

VIDEO: Te Pūwaha  Marae TV, 27 March 2023

VIDEO: Te Pūwaha  – EDNZ Awards Te Pūwaha , 17 October 2022

VIDEO: Te Pūwaha  Te Reo o Te Uru, 21 July 2022

Hundreds turn up for behind the scenes look at Whanganui Port revamp Radio NZ, 9 July 2022

‘Quite an eye opener’: Workers absorb iwi values guiding $50m port upgrade Stuff, 12 April 2022

Work to repair Whanganui’s North Mole is in full swing Whanganui Chronicle 21 February 2022

The urgent case for a dedicated NZ coastal shipping revival Whanganui Chronicle 25 September 2021

Company chosen to supply rock for Whanganui River mole repairs Whanganui Chronicle 3 September 2021

Te Pūwaha, Whanganui port revitalisation project gathers pace Whanganui Chronicle 14 August 2021

Te Pūwaha: Whanganui’s port project holds public open day Whanganui Chronicle 11 August 2021

Victory Shed at Whanganui port to be demolished Whanganui Chronicle 10 August 2021

North Mole revamp concept to be revealed at public hui Whanganui Chronicle 4 August 2021

Tender seeks rocks to repair Whanganui’s North Mole Whanganui Chronicle 14 July 2021

Te Pūwaha port revitalisation initiative hopes to get locals into jobs Whanganui Chronicle 10 June 2021

Whanganui port project moves to phase 2 with inter island ferry proposal excluded from plans Whanganui Chronicle 20 May 2021